Which is the right pool for me?

What type of pool should you build? That depends on you and your family. At Cox Pools, we pride ourselves on having the best pool designers in the industry. We will spend as much time as needed with your family to determine the right pool for you. We have designs for practically any budget, from fresh water to saltwater, from custom designed gunite to very affordable fiberglass.

And that is just the start! Since Cox Pools has been designing and building quality pools for over half of a century, we have constructed thousands of fun and beautiful water features that individualize each and every pool. From rocky waterfalls to bubbling spas, from inlaid mosaic tiles to custom imported stone pool decks, we can build you the pool of your dreams. Listed below are the primary pool construction types that we offer:

Fiberglass pools have a low lifetime maintenance cost because the gelcoat surface, much like that of a boat, is very durable and inhibits the growth of algae. Because fiberglass pools are constructed offsite, installation time is shorter than concrete pools. Width and length are limited due to transportation requirements, although many shapes are available. Installation costs for a fiberglass pool are generally less than concrete.

Concrete pools are are the ultimate in pool construction because of gunite’s flexibility and strength. A concrete pool can be practically any size with as many special features as you desire! Concrete pools do require more chemicals to battle algae growth because of their porous surface, and need resurfacing every 10-20 years.

Thinking about a pool?

Everyone has thought about a building pool at some point, so we’ve put together a list of reasons why we think you should have one! There are hundreds of reasons you need a pool, but just these 4 should be enough to get you to give Cox Pools a call.

Owning a swimming pool is like having a luxurious hideaway in your own backyard. Come home from a tough day at the office, walk out your back door and you are immediately relaxed! Now isn’t that something to look forward to every day?
Kids got you driving them all over town? What better way to get them to stay home than a beautiful pool in the backyard? They will be inviting their friends over constantly. And the family dinners will take on a whole new meaning when shared by the pool.
There is no better exercise that swimming. It’s easy on the joints, refreshing, and can provide a rigorous workout in less time than other methods. Plus it’s fun!
How can spending money to build a pool save you money? Easy. No more fighting traffic for those weekend getaways at expensive hotels and theme parks. In fact, the trip savings you could realize over a few years could pay for the cost of building a pool, not to mention the money saved on swimming club and exercise gym fees.