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Top Pool Trends for 2024

13 March 2024

During the hot summer months, a pool is the ultimate feature for any backyard, offering the perfect spot for socializing, exercising, or just escaping the heat. Any prospective pool owner will want to ensure their new pool is modern, with an up-to-date design and features that won’t look dated in years to come. 

But what are the top pool trends for 2024? In this article, the team at Cox Pools will delve into the pool trends expected to make waves this year.

Elevated pools

Luxury elevated swimming pool - Cox Pools

Does your property have limited outside space? Is your backyard on sloped terrain? An elevated pool is the answer.

Elevated pools are growing increasingly popular as, due to their above-ground construction, there is no lengthy excavation process required, making them swift and easy to install. A stunning focal point for any backyard, they will only grow more common over the next few years as more and more homeowners seek to maximize all their available outside space.

Fiberglass pools

Luxury freeform swimming pool - Cox Pools

Gunite has long been the default construction material for many backyard pools thanks to its durability. However, in recent years, fiberglass has emerged as a popular alternative, as more people seek to take advantage of its affordability and ease of installation. 

Unlike other, more abrasive finishes, such as plaster, fiberglass pools boast a perfectly smooth, slip-resistant surface that makes for a much more comfortable swimming experience, especially if you’ve got kids who like to splash around in the shallows. What’s more, a fiberglass pool requires minimal upkeep thanks to its non-porous surface, making it ideal for any busy homeowner who might not have the time to carry out extensive maintenance.

Geometric pools

Geometric pool & spa - Cox Pools

Geometric pools are the answer in the current trend towards minimalism, with clean lines and sharp angles that complement any contemporary property. These perfectly symmetrical pools offer plenty of space for socializing and exercising, all while maintaining a perfectly sleek aesthetic. From rectangular and square pools to L-shaped and T-shaped options, there are a wide variety of shapes to help you make the most of your space. A timeless option, geometric pools are sure to remain stylish and on-trend for years to come.

Tanning ledges

Sun loungers on a tanning ledge - Cox Pools

If you want to soak up the summer rays without overheating, a tanning ledge is the perfect solution. Built into the shallow end of your pool, this ledge allows you to read a book, sunbathe, or simply relax while partially submerged in the cool water. And they’re not just for adults either, tanning ledges also provide a great space for small children to play freely.

Outdoor living spaces

Close up of fire pit and seating area in the middle of a swimming pool - Cox pools

So often, pool owners can focus so much on the pool itself that they completely neglect the area surrounding it. A backyard pool is a great place for socializing during the summer, so why not complement this space by constructing the perfect outdoor living space? From firepits and water features to outdoor kitchens and cozy seating areas, there are plenty of trendy outdoor features that you can incorporate to help modernize this space and transform it into a hub for entertaining family and friends. 


Here at Cox Pools, our experts will work with you throughout the whole process, bringing 65+ years of experience to each project. Whether you want to build a stylish pool from scratch or you’re looking to remodel your existing pool to be a little more modern, we’ll ensure your dream pool looks perfectly on-trend.

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